Case 10 Guiding Questions

Case 10 Guiding - successful have they been What additional strategies might you suggest 4 What unique responsibilities does United Way have

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Case 10 Guiding Questions 1. What are the current challenges facing United Way? What are key issues in the general and non-profit charitable giving industry environments that affect United Way’s operations? 2. What are United Way’s most important internal resources and capabilities? 3. What business is United Way in and how should it compete? What are United Way’s core capabilities? What strategies have United Way’s leadership tried in the past, and how
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Unformatted text preview: successful have they been? What additional strategies might you suggest? 4. What unique responsibilities does United Way have regarding ethical behavior and “best practice” governance and financial accountability models? How successful will United Way be in creating change at the local level? Is United Way’s mission still viable?...
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