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Unformatted text preview: DOCUMENTATION PROJECT GENERAL INFORMATION AND RULES FOR COMPLETING THE PROBLEM (Read these rules to avoid losing points on your project!) This homework is an individual project . Students may consult with one another, but the projects should be distinctly identifiable as individual work. If you do discuss the problem with another student and believe your projects may be similar, please make a note of who you worked with directly on your homework before you hand it in . If I notice projects that are similar and no indication was made that you worked with someone, you will “share” the grade with the other individual(s). I must receive a project from each student; one project with two or three names on it is NOT appropriate and the grade for the one project will be divided among the names. 1. DO NOT hand in photocopies of the project; I expect your original work. Photocopies will receive a zero. DO NOT hand in the project on computer media; I expect a hard copy of the project and will not print the project from computer media. If I do not receive a hard copy of the project, you will receive a zero. 2. Homework assignments must be handed in on the date specified on the calendar at the beginning of class . LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AND YOU WILL RECEIVE A ZERO. If you have completed part of the homework, but not the entire assignment, hand it in; receiving some points is better than receiving a zero. 3. You may do the project by hand if it is neat. If you are artistically challenged, please consider using a flowcharting template. Flowcharting templates have become difficult to locate at office supply stores so you may want to consider making one for yourself using Microsoft Office (see below for creating flowcharting symbols). Print the symbols on a heavy piece of paper (some students have used photographic paper) then cut the symbols out. You may also use flowcharting software such as Visio or Microsoft Office (Word or Excel). You may use a combination of hand-written and computer generated work to accomplish the project; whatever you are comfortable with, as long as it is easily readable. 4. Read the Writing Tips on Blackboard or on my webpage before doing the Table of Entities and Activities. You may use phrases in lieu of complete sentences, but you must observe the rules of grammar and spelling . Use articles such as a, an, and the to make the phrase easy to read. If you start the first phrase with action verbs, continue that format for all phrases. For example, 1) writes….2) hand-carries….3) files…. If there is an introductory phrase in the narrative, still start with an action verb if you started with that format. For example: 1) writes the deposit slip after checking the totals. DO NOT DO THIS: 1) after checking the totals, writes the deposit slip...
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460_Documentation_Rules - DOCUMENTATION PROJECT GENERAL...

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