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Chapter 1 Installation should take about 1 hour. Again, Peachtree cannot be installed on computers in the campus labs, nor can it be installed on a Mac computer. If you do not have a computer or do not have Windows 2000 or higher on your computer, please try to find a friend who will let you use their system. To complete the projects on someone else = s computer if they will not let you keep your work on their system until the end of the semester, you will need your Peachtree CD and a USB drive for backing up your work after each session. If this is the course you must pursue, use Option B Installation Instructions on page 1-20 through 1-26. Be warned that if you uninstall and reinstall the software a number of times you may not be able to open the software after approximately six or so installations. You may have trouble opening the software if you bought a used textbook and the former owner(s) installed the software on multiple computers. There is some help that Peachtree offered in the file labeled Troubleshooting Software Load, but you will need some computer expertise to complete these instructions. Be sure to pay attention to the directions in chapter 1 on loading Warren Sports. If you reload your software at any time, be sure to load Warren Sports again. If you decide to install the software to a USB drive follow the installation instructions on pages 1-8 to 1-10. On page 1-11, in the Peachtree Accounting 2008 Setup screen labeled Summary change the program files and company data files location to your USB drive, and uncheck Add Shortcuts and Add Icon. Continue the installation and back up of the data files. As you work with Peachtree, be sure to read the Notes in the green or orange boxes. They contain many warnings and hints to help you get through the project. Another piece of advice is to expand the various Peachtree screens as they open to save scrolling about. Learn patience when opening company data files and menu items. They will open, but not always instantaneously! In Step 2 on page 1-12 create a new folder for the company data files. You can create the new folder by clicking on Computer. Double click on C:Drive > File > New > Folder and label Peachtree Accounting Initial Company Backups. When you see a Sun symbol ☼ you will need to print a document or report to hand in. You DO NOT need to complete the questions within the chapters or the Tear Out pages at the end of the manual. You may want to do them so that you will feel comfortable with the software, but that is your choice. Additionally, if you experiment with the software and save some those experiments, some of your document numbers may not be the same as those indicated in the manuals or noted in the Hand In List. Handing in a document with a different reference number is allowable, as long as the
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460_Peachtree_SpecificHints - SPECIFIC HELP WITH PEACHTREE...

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