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New Frontier 1 Kennedy the New Frontier Plan Kennedy hoped to accomplish a great deal with the New Frontier plan, like boosting the U.S. economy, aiding third world countries, and building up the U.S. national defense. To help the national economy, Kennedy gave tax breaks and credits to many large corporations. Kennedy kept an eye on prices, too, to protect consumers from businesses. When he signed the Alliance of Progress, Kennedy earmarked $20 billion to Latin America in a ten-year foreign aid plan. In exchange, Latin America amended its tax laws, in the hopes that would discourage political revolution in the future. Kennedy's newly-formed Peace Corp sent teachers and volunteers into poorer countries to contribute to their education – the
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Unformatted text preview: hope was that this would boost their national economies. President Kennedy warned the Soviets that their secret construction, in Cuba, of missile sites and a nuclear base was unacceptable. When U.S. spy planes spied the sites, Kennedy had to decide how to defend America without starting a nuclear war. As the Soviets also feared a war, they accidentally shot down an American spy plane. Kennedy knew that, if the U.S. retaliated, massive destruction would follow, for the U.S. and for other nations. Instead of war, Kennedy offered the reluctanct Soviets a nuclear test ban treaty....
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