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The Chernobyl disaster occurred: a. When the workers were performing a safety test. b. When a fire broke out in the control room. c. W he reactor. d. W tion was finished. e. N 2. C issile Defense (NMD) program beca a. N b. C principle of the US defending itself. c. T MD missiles could very easily be changed into nuclear weapons of mass destruction. d. A e. N 3. T a. T b. T c. T d. T e. A 4. W a. T b. D c. T d. T e. T ent in 1912. 5. W ral autonomy of engineers? a. T t engineers should act in an ethical manner. b. T c. T d. T al risk. e. A 6. T d be held at a location: a. T b. T c. That d. I e. F 7. A a. T b. W c. W the best safety devices of the day. d. Wh all legal specifications. e. A 8. W a. S ney over your project. b. Y c. A d. Y e. N hen weapons grade plutonium was stolen from t hen management ordered the reactors to be started before construc one of the above. urrent event question: China and Russia have been objecting to the US National M use: o destroy targets in China and Russia. MD missiles could be used t hina and Russia object to the he N working NMD system would make China and Russia’s current missiles less of a threat. MD could lead to the end of nuclear weapons programs. he DC-10 disaster exhibits which of the following? he problems when engineers are improperly trained. he conflict between engineering and business decisions. he difficulty of accurately predicting safety problems. he arrogance of engineering. ll of the above. hich of the following about the Titanic is true ? he Titanic ran into another ship. olphins saved Leonardo DiCaprio. he Titanic used outdated (old for its day) safety equipment. he Titanic used outdated (old for its day) communications equipment. he Titanic was a great engineering achievem hat do we mean by the mo ha hat there is a conflict between cost and safety. neering decisions. he ability of engineers to have authority over engi he ability to convince management of a technologic ll of the above. he participants in this year’s G8 meeting in Genoa, Italy, decided that next year’s meeting woul hat was inexpensive for the participants to attend. at was easy to get to. h had facilities for all the participants and expected protesters. n an area that had good access for business leaders. ar away from major cities and with limited access. technology is considered safe when: he risks are known and judged acceptable. hen government experts have approved the technology. hen the design incorporates en the designers followed ll of the above. histle-blowing is required under which of the following conditions: omeone may lose a great deal of mo ou are asked to lie to the public. colleague said that there was something wrong with the project. ou had a dream that something bad was going to happen.
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(sosc111)[2001](sum)final~ee_wccad^_10549 - 1. a. b. c. d....

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