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CP DISCUSSION - DISCUSSION In our first experiment we did...

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DISCUSSION In our first experiment, we did not expect that the enzyme would function in the presence of detergent, and our results did not disprove this hypothesis. This can be attributed to the hydrophobic nature of detergent, which causes the proteins that make up the enzyme to unravel and turn outwards. Once the enzyme is denatured, no reaction occurs. In our second experiment, we expected to see a steady increase in enzymatic activity as the concentrations of catalase increased, because theoretically, the more enzymes there are present, the quicker the turnover rate, and the faster the reaction. As can be seen in Figure 1, however, our group data was not entirely consistent with this prediction. Because of the fact that the class data as a whole was consistent with this prediction, it is likely that our inconsistencies can be attributed to human error. It is possible that, when preparing the solutions of catalase, we failed to correctly measure the
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