SOSC111+Syllabus+Summer+2011 (1)

SOSC111+Syllabus+Summer+2011 (1) - SOSC 111 Science...

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SOSC 111 Lecture Theater B Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10.00AM - 12.50PM 13 July to 12 August, 2011 Prof. Erik Baark, Room 2353A, Tel. 2358 7831 Office hours: Monday, 2.00-3.00PM, or by appointment ( [email protected] ) Objectives: The course aims to provide students with theoretical and conceptual tools to understand the way scientific and technological decisions are made, and the effects that these decisions in turn have on social development. It will encourage students to analyse technology from different perspectives, to ask informed questions about the driving forces of science and technology, and to form their own opinions about the role of science and technology in our contemporary society. Readings: The readings for each class are assigned from a textbook written by Prof. Robert Ferguson, entitled People in the Machine – An exploration of Technology and Society , which is accessible from the course web site (available on LMES at web address: ). Students are expected to study the reading as preparation for class discussion; additional recommended readings are listed after each chapter in the textbook. Lecture Notes/Web Page: Course materials, including lecture notes in the form of Microsoft PowerPoint slides, will be available on LMES. These lecture notes are simple key points and illustrations that serve to structure the individual lectures; they are not exhaustive and therefore learning the lecture notes by heart cannot substitute for a genuine study of the readings and careful attention to lectures and class discussions. Requirements: Students must attend all lectures and complete all the readings. I’ll also be showing some video material, and to the extent relevant discuss current events in class. Please note that attendance in class is essential , since questions in PRS exercises and exams may be directly related to videos or various issues discussed during the lectures. 1
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Course Goals and Intended Learning Outcomes: This course should provide you with fundamental knowledge about the interaction of science and technology in our life which will help you become more mindful of the mutual influence of science and technology on society. There are five broad intended learning outcomes for this course. These have been summarized in the following table: Type of ILO Intended Learning Outcome: Associated Teaching Activity: 1 Knowledge- based Outcome By the end of this course, you should be able to describe the characteristics of scientific and technological phenomena through history and in contemporary society - I use Personal Response System (PRS) quizzes to test the extent to which you all are grasping the topics as we progress through the course and from this I can adjust my teaching as necessary. - More generally, your grasp of the
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SOSC111+Syllabus+Summer+2011 (1) - SOSC 111 Science...

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