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Final project gen 205 - Student survival guide The key to...

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Sheet1 Page 1 * Student survival guide * The key to the successful completion of a college degree program consists of following a plan that should be devised as s One of the most important things a student can remember is that the University of Phoenix is always available to assist the Using Axia's Educational Resources is one of the most important things for a student to get a good concept of at the beginin Learning to navigate the university library is very important in the begining of their college course as well. The University off The students will especially need to obtain the ability to Identify key information within an article. When the student knows th *Upholding Academic Honesty is a must in the pursuit of a college degree. The only way that a degree should be obtained i There are ample ways to avoid plagerism. The best way for students to avoid plagerism is to use the plagerism checker loca Understanding the consequences of plagerism is vital throughout your college carreer. Students should understand that the
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