Week 1 Checkpoint Deloitte and Touché Case Study

Week 1 Checkpoint - Week 1 Checkpoint Deloitte Touch Case Study Q1 How did the problem at Deloitte Touch occur in the fi rst place A1 I believe the

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Week 1 Checkpoint: Deloitte & Touché Case Study A1. I believe the problem started because the company wasn’t invested in their employees. There was an obvious gap between the genders and that gap had been ignored. There was also a problem with retention because there seemed to be no room for advancement once you reached a certain level in the company. Q2. Did their changes fix the underlying problems? Explain. A2. The first thing they did to fix the problem was fix the networking and mentoring problem. They held a workshop that cost the company $3 million, but the monetary lose was nothing compared to the human capital that they gained. They increased their retention rate for women in the upper management positions and also taught the men that worked for the company to work with the women instead of shutting them out. They also created flexible working arrangements to help support the women who had issues with family
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