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Week 1 Assignment Change Management

Week 1 Assignment Change Management - Change Management 1...

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Change Management 1 Change Management William Edwards HRM/240 Joan Myers
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Change Management 2 Technology is growing faster than anyone can really keep up with it. For example you go into a Verizon Wireless Store and purchase the new Droid phone; the next day the Droid 2 comes out. It happens with not just cell phones, but computers, medical technology, any technology really. Companies are in constant competition with each other not just in their country but in a global aspect as well. Change management is a way for a company to ensure their ultimate goal of growth both locally and globally by constantly reviewing and changing their policies within their departments. Keeping their employees up to date is just as important as keeping the company up to date. How does this happen? The company needs to provide its employees the training and education that their employees will require to stay on top of those current trends. Keeping the employees up to date will in turn keep the company up to date, by
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