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Unformatted text preview: Chem 210 Chapter 6B / WANG Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle A CORRECTION • On the mass scale of atomic particles, exactly we cannot determine exactly the position, direction of motion, and speed simultaneously simultaneously. uncertainty • The product of the uncertainty in the position position (∆ x) and that of the momentum momentum greater h/ (∆p) is greater or equal to h/4π. ∆x ⋅∆p ≥ h 2π 4 h = Planck’s constant Please change 4, as 2 to 4, as given in the textbook! Brief Explanation of correction “Different versions of this equation are … commonly found in the literature. Heisenberg's original paper does not attempt to rigorously determine the exact quantity on the right side of the inequality, but rather uses physical argument to show that the uncertainty between conjugate quantum mechanical variables is approximately h.” ∆x ⋅∆p ≥ h 4 2π h = Planck’s constant Fall 2009 UM-SJTU JI Page 1 ...
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