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Unformatted text preview: Chem 210/ WANG / Chapter 9C MO Theory How about Hetero-Nuclear molecules such as: CO, NO & HF? Ref: Figure 9.48 2px 2py CO, NO use normal MO order of filling as in O2. HF does not: Energy σ∗ •because 1s (H) is higher in energy than 1s(F). •1s(H) is closer to 2p(F) 2p and interacts with it to make a σ bond. •Other AO’s of F do not σ form MO’s. AO of H MO of HF AO of F 1s Note: the MO energy levels in the lecture slides as presented on Wed, Sept 30th, is obtained from another textbook. It DOES NOT follow the same DOES order as that of O2. • Upon searching further on several trustworthy web sites, I found out this discrepancy occurs among many authors. • It DOES appear that the Central DOES Science textbook is NOT accurate. NOT • MO diagrams for both NO and CO do NOT NOT follow the same order as that of O2. But they are closer to that of N2. But See See attached references. Explanation to discrenpancy found in textbooks. The Central Science Textbook version of The MO diagram for NO σ*2s π*2p 2p π2p possible Lewis structures σ2p 0 2s 2s AO of N O 2p p possible Lewis structures π2p 0 AO of O σ*2s 2s 0 N +1 N σ O -1 σ*2s 2p 0 N Energy Energy π*2p 2p The MO diagram for NO obtained from obtained another textbook, similar to that of N2. σ*2s O -1 2s AO of N +1 N O AO of O σ2s σ2s MO of NO MO of NO Note these MO diagrams for NO and CO are similar to that of N2 / not that of O2. Fall 2009 UM-SJTU JI Which order should you use? • For hetero-nuclear diatomic heteromolecules or ions, you do not need to figure it out or memorize which one is which order. • You will just take what is given, and answer the question accordingly. • If a question states that the energy level is similar to that of O2, then use that order. • If it says the order is the same as N2, then use this order. 1 ...
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