HM5 - END332E Operations Research II Homework I Case...

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END332E Operations Research II Homework I – Case: Integer Programming You can constitute a group of maximum five students to submit assignments. No cheating will be tolerated: A letter grade of F will be given! Y. İ lker Topcu Assigned date: February 17, 2008 Murat Engin Ünal, Kutay Tinç, P ı nar Dursun Due Date: March 2, 2008 Special recognition is due Özgür Kabak who prepared this case. F.C. Internazionale Jose Morinho, the spectacular manager of F.C. Internazionale, is trying to make the squad of next season. He wants you to help him to construct the squad. The current squad of the team can be seen in Table 1. He prefers to play in 4-5-1 formation (1 goal keeper, 1 left defender, 1 right defender, 2 central defenders, 3 central midfielders, 1 left midfielder, 1 right midfielder, 1 striker). He wants the team to be at most 25 members with the following position restrictions: at least 3 goal keepers, at least 2 right defenders, at least 2 left defenders, at least 5 central defenders, at least 7 central midfielders, at least 2 right midfielders, at least 2 left midfielders and at least 3 strikers (keep in mind that some players can play in different positions). To make the ideal starting eleven and the whole squad, the club may benefit from the current squad or can make transfers (the transfer list prepared by the scouts of the club is given in Table 2). If a player is used from the current squad then there will be no additional cost. Contrarily, if a member of a squad is not included in the next year’s squad then the player is
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HM5 - END332E Operations Research II Homework I Case...

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