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END332E Operations Research II Homework III: Dynamic Programming You can constitute a group of maximum five students to submit assignments. No cheating will be tolerated: A letter grade of F will be given! Y. İ lker Topcu Assigned date: April 27, 2009 Murat Engin Ünal, Kutay Tinç, P ı nar Dursun Due Date: May 4, 2009 Please clearly define stages, states, decisions and recursions for all of the problems, and plot a sketch of the Shorthest-Path Network representation of your DPs. Use your pencils not your printers. 1) Given k coin values c 0 < c 1 < c 2 < … <c k-1 (where c 0 = 1), and an integer value v, find a way (a DP formulation) to give the value v in change using as few coins as possible. Assume that there is unlimited number of coins of each value. 2) CSL is a chain of computer service stores. The number of hours of skilled repair time that CSL requires during the next five months is as follows: Month 1 (January): 6,000 hours Month 2 (February): 7,000 hours Month 3 (March): 8,000 hours
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