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PM586_W2_Project Charter Template 01 - V 2.0 Project Name...

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Project Name Project Number Project Manager Prioritization Owner(s) Start Date: Scheduled Completion Date: Mission: In keeping with the SEITZ Corporation ‘s mission of being innovative and global leaders in thermoplastic solutions, this project’s mission is to construct a new plant in Huntsville Alabama that will expand their customer base. Objectives: To complete the construction of the Huntsville Plant within or below budget; on or before Dec 31,2011 and have it fully operational by June 30, 2012. Assumptions: Before starting construction on the plant obtain approval and building permit. Ensure construction materials are available before the start of the preparation phase. Note: Plant readiness phase cannot start unless equipment and raw materials arrive on time. Meet with Joe Downs and Steve Pokorski to discuss their roles in completing the project, and brainstorm to develop an effective plan on how to proceed with the project. This committee will develop a business plan along with processes to submit to the board for approval if additional funding if needed. Using the most up to date technology Seitz will assemble the plastic bottles and containers, this should decrease productivity cost to the company, and increase sales to $80+ million. The budget for the project
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PM586_W2_Project Charter Template 01 - V 2.0 Project Name...

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