essay3 - Naina Vohra The Reading of Drama Essay #3 09/16/07...

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Naina Vohra The Reading of Drama Essay #3 09/16/07 Winner Take All “And look at me! I am the assassin! I am Booth!! Come on man this is life and death! Go all out! (Parks 56). This line, though taken from the middle of the play, could easily be transplanted into the final scene, where Booth is indeed the assassin, and Lincoln does go “all out” in order to win money from his brother. The fact that situations such as this arise more than once during the play (although admittedly this first one was in jest) gives the reader the impression of a circular narrative, one in which Suzan-Lori Parks employs techniques such as her beloved Rep. & Rev. method, which allows history to repeat itself in small bits and pieces. Upon reading the play for the first time, I have to admit that I did not pick up on all of the little indicators that were peppered through the plot, the little instances of repetition and revision that I was easily able to find when I looked through the play for a second time. The signs that I found all point to one conclusion: that Lincoln knew exactly what was going to happen, and may have even planned and manipulated the situation to suit that which he felt needed to be done. Booth, although by no means an unwitting fool, doesn’t seem to have a very strong sense of what is to come, and as a result, most of his actions are, in fact, reactions to the situations that he encounters. Although we have to take everything that comes out of his mouth with a pinch (or a pound) of salt, we see that he himself never really sets anything in motion, but rather follows along with whatever is happening in his life. For example, when rereading the play, I came across a line that, after having read the final scene, struck a chord with me. Lincoln and Booth are discussing Lincoln’s job, and the
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essay3 - Naina Vohra The Reading of Drama Essay #3 09/16/07...

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