Week_9_Questions - start 8 What basic difference is there...

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WEEK 9 – Tutorial Questions – Management Accounting 1. Why do you think management accountants in the period 1925-1985 did not  embrace product costing for the purposes of measuring conversion efficiency  and pricing, as developed by the engineer/managers around the turn of the  century.* 2. What is meant by ‘running the firm by the numbers’, and why did this evolve?* 3. What are some of the consequences of the ‘lost relevance’?* 4. What were the goals of the early management accounting measures that were  formulated in the 19 th  century.* 5. Why is it of value to trace the roots of today’s system? 6. What is Johnson’s view of the  fundamental  purpose of a management accounting  system? 7. Why are the problems of managing by the accounting numbers more visible now  than say 100 years ago if the inherent problems have always been there from the 
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Unformatted text preview: start?* 8. What basic difference is there between the backgrounds of many present day managers and those at the turn of the century, and how has that encouraged management by the numbers?* 9. How will the management accountant and financial manager add value to the firms in the future? 10. Today’s high-technology manufacturing processes require up-to-the-minute controls using non-financial performance measures. Accountant’s financial controls reported at the end of a period are obsolete and have no place in such an environment. Briefly discuss Questions marked with * are from: Stower, E., (1999), Management accounting – Evolution and the future, from Advanced Management Accounting Study Guide, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, pp. 1.1-1.14...
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Week_9_Questions - start 8 What basic difference is there...

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