Week_9_Readings - Hoskin K W& Macve R H(2000 Knowing...

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WEEK 9 – Readings – Management Accounting Required Readings Puxty, A. G., 1993. , The Advanced Management Accounting and Finance Series by CIMA, Academic Press. Bronwich M (1998), Managerial Accounting Definition and Scope – From a Managerial View, Management Accounting , Vol 66 (8), September, pg 26 Johnson, H.T., & Kaplan, R.S., 1987, ‘The rise and fall of management accounting’, Management Accounting (US), January, pp.22-30 Ezzamel, M., Hoskin, K. & Macve, R., 1990, ‘Managing it all by numbers: A review of Johnson & Kaplan’s “Relevance Lost”’, Accounting and Business Research , vol. 20, no. 78, pp.153-66 Additional Readings Kaplan, R. S., (1984), The Evolution of Management Accounting, The Accounting Review , Vol 59 (3), July, pgs 390-418
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Unformatted text preview: Hoskin, K W., & Macve R. H., (2000), Knowing More as Knowing Less? Alternative Histories of Cost and Management Accounting in the US and the UK, The Accounting Historian Journal , Vol 27 (1), pg 91-149 Drucker, P. F. 1992. ‘Be data literate-know what to know’, Wall Street Journal , Dec 1. Pg 14 Anastas, M., 1997, The changing world of management accounting and financial management, Management Accounting , October, pp.48-51 Johnson, H.T. 1992. Relevance Regained , The Free Press, New York Kaplan, R.S. 1995. New Roles for management accountants, Journal of Cost Management, Journal of Cost Management , Fall, pp.6-13 Luft, J., (1997), Long-term change in management accounting: Perspectives from historical research , Journal of Management Accounting Research ; vol 9, pg 163-197...
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Week_9_Readings - Hoskin K W& Macve R H(2000 Knowing...

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