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TUTORIAL 1 A: Multiple choice questions 1. Which of the following best describes why an independent auditor is asked to express an opinion on the fair presentation of financial statements? (a) It is not easy to prepare financial statements that fairly present a company’s financial position without the expertise of an independent auditor (b) Management is responsible to seek available independent aid in the appraisal of the financial information shown in the financial statements (c) The opinion of an independent party is needed because a company may not be objectives with respect to its own financial statements. (d) It is a customary courtesy that all shareholders of a company receive an independent report on management’s stewardship of the affairs of the business 2. Independent auditing can best be described as: (a) a branch of accounting (b) a discipline that attests to the results of accounting and other functional operations and data (c) a professional activity that measures and communicates financial and business data (d) a regulatory function that prevents the issuance of improper financial information 3. Which of the following professional services would be considered an attestation engagement? (a) a consulting service engagement to provide information technology processing advice to a client (b) an engagement to report on statutory requirements (c) an income tax engagement to prepare Federal and State tax returns (d) the compilation of financial statements from a client’s financial records
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TUTORIAL_1 - TUTORIAL 1 A Multiple choice questions 1 Which...

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