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TUTORIAL 6 A: Multiple choice questions 1. Chose the best response. (a) A management information system is designed to ensure that management processes the information it needs to carry out its functions through the integrated actions of: (i) data-gathering, analysis and reporting findings (ii) a computerised information retrieval and decision-making system (iii) statistical and analytical review functions (iv) production-budgeting and sales-forecasting activities 2. Which of the following conditions would not normally cause the auditor to question whether material errors or possible irregularities exist? (a) Book-keeping errors are listed on an IT-generated exception report (b) Differences exist between control accounts and supporting subsidiary records (c) Transactions are not supported by proper documentation (d) Differences are disclosed by confirmations 3. As the strength of general IT controls weakens, the auditor is most likely to: (a) reduce testing of application controls performed by the computer (b) increase testing of general IT controls to ensure that they are operating effectively (c) expand testing of application controls used to reduce control risk to cover greater portions of the fiscal year under audit (d) ignore gaining knowledge about the design of general IT controls and whether
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TUTORIAL_6 - TUTORIAL 6 A Multiple choice questions 1 Chose...

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