Module 8 - Review exercise 8.1(Sabrina Britanny 1 Define...

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1. Define and explain the term ‘marketing channel’. Set of interdependent organizations that facilitate the transfer of ownership as products move from producer to business user or consumer. Marketing channels are composed of members that perform negotiating functions. Some intermediaries buy and resell products; other intermediaries aid the exchange of ownership between buyers and resells without taking title. Non-member channel participants do not engage in negotiating activities and function as an auxiliary part of the marketing channel structure. 17. Define the term ‘channel partnering’. Using example differentiate transaction-based and The joint effort of all channel members to create a supply chain that serves customers and creates a competitive advantage. Channel partnering is the joint effort of all channel advantage. Two types of channel partnering: Collaborating channel (transaction-based marketing channel) partners meet the needs of consumers more effectively by ensuring that the right products reach the shelves at the right time and at a lower cost, boosting sales and profits. Channel alliances and partnerships (partnership-based marketing channel) it can be traced to attempts by firms to use the intellectual, material and marketing resources of their business partners worldwide to make entry into far-flung markets easier and more cost-effective. Question: 8.17 (Answer by Mitch and Meko) Channel partnering : It also names as channel cooperation, it means that all of the members set up a supply line together which has a competitive advantage for serves consumers. For example Nike purchased Converse, but also they have competition in their promotion. Transaction-based : For example two companies exchange their products just for transaction, it is not partner. Partnership-based: For example the KFC and Pepsi, KFC uses Pepsi Cola to sell to customers that they become partners and also they can make more profit in this way. Marketing Homework Students: Mitch (Huang Zhuheng) 0050098311 Meko (Gong Ling) 0050098149 Question 8.16 Conflict : The relation of members in different channel usually result in the channel conflict, the channel conflict is a clash of the goals and the methods in the selling channel. Conflict includes the horizontal conflict and the vertical conflict. Horizontal conflict
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Module 8 - Review exercise 8.1(Sabrina Britanny 1 Define...

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