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Final Exam Information - CHEM 212 (DE) Final Exam Make sure...

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CHEM 212 (DE) Final Exam Make sure your bring your UW ID card a calculator molecular model kit (optional) Format The exam consists of 10 questions, and you must do any 7 of the 10 questions. Each question is worth 15 marks. The exam will be marked out of 105. The front page of the exam, including instructions is given on the last page of this booklet.) The exam is cumulative. Here is a more detailed breakdown. Module 2: Symmetry – two questions Module 3: Quantum theory and atomic structure – two questions Module 4: Ionic compounds and ionic bonding – one question Module 5: Valence bond theory – one questions Module 6: Molecular orbital theory – four questions There are no true/false questions and no multiple-choice questions. All of the questions are short-answer or long-answer. I strongly advise you to review all of the examples done in the modules, and to review all of the assignments problems. There is no sample exam! The exam questions are similar to questions you have done on your assignments. Solutions to all of assignments, including answers to the “extra problems”, have been posted on UW- ACE. **** The next three pages show you what information you will be provided with on the exam. **** After the exam has been marked, you will be able to view a complete summary of your marks in CHEM 212 (i.e. one minute summary marks, assignment marks, exam mark and final grade) at the web-site below.
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Final Exam Information - CHEM 212 (DE) Final Exam Make sure...

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