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Flow chart - possess a centre of inversion yes D ∞ h no C...

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CHEM 212 Module 1: Molecular geometry and symmetry page 10 of 21 Decision Tree for Assigning a Molecule to a Point Group Is the molecule linear? no Is the molecule a perfect tetrahedron, octahedron or icosahedron? Does the molecule possess a C n axis, with n 2? no Is there a mirror plane? START no Is there a centre of inversion? no no C 1 yes Does the molecule
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Unformatted text preview: possess a centre of inversion? yes D ∞ h no C ∞ v yes T d or O h or I h ? yes Are there n C 2 axes ⊥ to the C n axis? Is there a σ h plane? yes no Are there n σ v planes? D nh no yes D nd no D n yes Is there an S 2n axis? yes S 2n yes C s Is there a σ h plane? C nh no no yes Are there n σ v planes? yes C nv C n no yes C i...
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