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Hand in Assignment 2

Hand in Assignment 2 - CHEM 212(DE HAND-IN...

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CHEM 212 (DE) HAND-IN ASSIGNMENT #1 (Fall 2008) page 1 of 1 This assignment is due on Wednesday, November 19. You must submit assignment solutions in your own handwriting. I will not accept typed assignment solutions. Why? It is not a worthwhile use of your time to fuss with special symbols, formatting equations, and drawing diagrams and molecular structures using the computer. In the past, students who typed their assignments tried to save time by cutting corners and the end result was not only less elegant, but it was also harder for me to mark, than if they had done the assignments in their own handwriting. You can submit your hand-written assignments in a number of ways: mail them in, but make sure you use the envelopes and labels provided fax them to the Distance Education office scan in your handwritten assignment and then submit the scanned assignment electronically USING THE ELECTRONIC DROP BOXES ON UW-ACE . If you are mailing or faxing your assignment, photocopy your assignment before you submit it . (You can submit the photocopy.) That way you have a copy of the assignment for your own records. (On occasion, an assignment gets lost or misdirected on its way to me. If you have a copy of the assignment, you can normally resubmit the assignment without penalty.)
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