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CheckPoint: Analysis of Electronic Payment Systems o Name and describe various categories of e-commerce. There are many ways to classify electronic commerce transactions. One is by looking at the nature of the participants in the electronic commerce transaction. The three major electronic commerce categories are business to consumer (B2C) e- commerce, business to business (B2B) e-commerce, and consumer to consumer (C2C) e-commerce. Business to consumer (B2C) e-commerce involves retailing products and services to individual shoppers. Amazon.com is an example of B2C e-commerce, because they sell books, magazines, and music along with other things. Business to business (B2B) e-commerce involves sales of goods and services among businesses. For example, Michelin makes tires but sells tires to other businesses so they can sell to the public. Consumer to consumer (C2C) e-commerce involves consumers selling directly to consumers. The best examples of this would Ebay.com and Craigslist.com o Compare and contrast electronic payment systems. Which type do you use most often? Which
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