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1. The three Major sociological perspectives are functionalists, interactionists and conflict theorists. Functionalists believe that there are that there are intended, unexpected, and dysfunctions. Basically anything that works these functionalists believe there is a way things work and anything beyond that would be dysfunctional. Interactionists form their own reality using cultural items such as symbols and labels. The interactionalist perspective brings people together and they share stories, symbols, even dances that have been done for many generations. Lastly, conflict theorists believe that anything going on that causes tension whether it be conflicts, or clashes is the normal waste of life and that it causes balance. 2. There are five characteristics that are shared by minority groups. One is that they are treated unequally as a group. They may have physical appearances that hold them to a low self esteem, for example African Americans cultural characteristics could be their nose, and lips because they are very different than White Americans. Third, minorities
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