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About how long does it take for a meal to completely eliminated from the stomach -4 hrs A high risk of weight-related health problems is seen in women whose waist circumference begins to exceed -35 inches The yearly death toll in the U.S. from obesity-related disease is estimated at -300,000 What instrument is used to measure the energy content in foods? -Bomb Calorimeter For every decade beyond the age of 30, what is the % decrease in need for total calories? -5 Which of the following is known to cause a reduction in fat cell number in mice?
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Unformatted text preview: -Injection of leptin According to the body mass index figures, what % of people aged 2-19 years are overweight or obese?-33 What is the chief factor that determines a person’s susceptibility?-Heredity and environment What is the chief reason that health-care professionals advise people to engage only in low-to-moderate intensity activities for prolonged duration rather than more intense, shorter routines?-Cost is lower? Because obesity apparently has many causes, even in an individual, the best approach seems to be-Prevention...
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