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Personal Finance 1 Committed Exp - $0 Auto/Boat/RV $2,000...

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For Target Year 2008 Disposable Income (Available to spend, save, or invest) $44,651 DEBT MANAGEMENT Part 2 Unsecured Debt Credit Card Payment(s) $200 Student Loan Payment(s) $0 Personal Loan Payment(s) $0 Other Unsecured Credit Payment(s) $0 Secured Debt Consumer Goods Payment(s) $0 Auto Payment(s) $0 Housing Payment (Rent or Mortgage) $980 Home Equity Payment(s) $0 Other Secured Credit Payment(s) $0 (Debt Subtotal) $1,180 INSURANCE PREMIUMS Part 3 Life $1,500 Health $4,000 Disability (long-term and short-term) $0 Long-Term Care $250 Homeowner's/Renter's (if not included in mortgage)
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Unformatted text preview: $0 Auto/Boat/RV $2,000 Other Insurance $0 (Insurance Subtotal) $7,750 SAVINGS / INVESTMENTS Parts 2, 4, and 5 Emergency Fund $8,250 Short-Term Goal(s) $2,000 Intermediate-Term Goal(s) $1,000 Long-Term Goal(s) $500 Optional Retirement (Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, etc.) $300 Education Goal $0 (Savings Subtotal) $12,050 Total Committed Expenses $20,980 Income Available for Living or "Uncommitted" Expenses $23,671 COMMITTED EXPENSE WORKSHEET...
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