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Filer Gross Income $58,000.00 Filer's Age 21 Spousal Gross Income $0.00 Spouse's Age Total Gross Income $58,000.00 Filing Status 1 Single 1 Single Adjustments $0.00 2 Married Filing Jointly Deductions 3 Married Filing Separately $5,450.00 4 Head of Household or Number of Exemptions 1 $3,500.00 Taxable Income $49,050.00 Marginal Tax Rate 25.00% Average Tax Liability Rate 14.84% Estimated Federal Income Tax Liability
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Unformatted text preview: $8,606.25 Filer's Total Income $62,000.00 Filer' Tax Liability $4,743.00 Spouse's Total Income $0.00 Spouse's Tax Liability $0.00 Estimated Soc. Sec./FICA Tax Liability $4,743.00 Filing Status Entry Number 2008 ESTIMATED INCOME TAX WORKSHEET Social Security/FICA Tax Estimator Standard Itemized...
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