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W3 1. Identify Occupations Ÿ Make a background and experience list. Ÿ Review information on jobs. Ÿ Identify jobs that use your talents. 2. Identify Employers Ÿ Ask relatives and friends to help you look for job openings. Ÿ Go to your State Employment Service Office for assistance. Ÿ Contact employers to get company and job information. 3. Prepare Materials Ÿ Write résumés (if needed). Use job announcements to “fit” skills with job requirements. Ÿ Write cover letters or letters of application. The Daily Effort 4. Contact Employers Ÿ Call employers directly (even if they’re not advertising openings). Talk to the person who would supervise you if you were hired. Make note of names. Ÿ Go to companies to fill out applications. Ÿ Contact your friends and relatives to see if they know about any openings The Interview 5. Prepare for Interviews Ÿ Learn about the company you’re interviewing with. Ÿ Review job announcements to determine how your skills will help you do Ÿ Assemble résumés, application forms, etc. (make sure everything is neat
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