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Personal Finance 1 Worksheet 5

Personal Finance 1 Worksheet 5 - I $1,500.00 J Total...

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W5 A. Total Income A. $45,000.00 B. Total Income Taxes - B. $5,500.00 C. After-Tax Income Available for Living Expenditures or Take-Home Pay (line A minus line B) = C. $39,500.00 D. Total Housing Expenditures 600 E. Total Food Expenditures + E. $4,500.00 F. Total Clothing and Personal Care Expenditures + F. $2,000.00 G. Total Transportation Expenditures + G. $4,500.00 H. Total Recreation Expenditures + H. $1,300.00 I. Total Medical Expenditures
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Unformatted text preview: + I. $1,500.00 J. Total Insurance Expenditures + J. $2,000.00 K. Total Other Expenditures + K. $2,500.00 L. Total Living Expenditures (add lines D through K) = L. $18,300.00 M. Income Available for Savings and Investment (line C minus line L) = M. $21,200.00 Your Take-Home Pay Your Living Expenses SIMPLIFIED INCOME STATEMENT WORKSHEET...
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