Personal Finance 1 Worksheet 18

Personal Finance 1 - W18 STARTING POINT QUESTIONNAIRE WORKSHEET 1 How would you describe your housing situation(e.g rent own live with parents

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W18 1. How would you describe your housing situation? (e.g., rent, own, live with parents, roommates) 2. What will be your primary mode of transportation? (e.g., personal auto, carpool, public transportation) 3. How would you describe your relationship, marriage, or family plans? (e.g., single, married, children) 4. 5. What type of fringe benefits would you anticipate receiving? (e.g., retirement plans, insurance, vacation time) 6. What do you anticipate your first year income to be? 7. How much business travel do you anticipate? (none, 2 weeks per year, frequent) 8. How much personal travel do you anticipate? (none, 2 weeks per year, frequent) 9. Do you plan to continue your education? 10. In what types of recreational activities or hobbies will you participate? (e.g., sports, woodworking, hiking, etc.) 11. I am double majoring in finance and accounting and hope to eventually work my way up to a prestigous position somewhere… vice president, etc I would hope to receive retirement benefits, insurance, and vacation time.
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