Marketing chapters 1-3

Marketing chapters 1-3 - Chapters 1-3 1)The public is...

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Chapters 1-3 1)The public is becoming more aware of how marketers’ activities affect the welfare of consumers and society. As a result, more firms are working to -create a responsible approach to developing long-term relationships with customers and society 2)A Junior marketing executive at MegaGrain Cereals suggests increasing the package size and price of its best-selling brand without increasing the amount of cereal inside the box. Her superior warns that this might be a bad idea because MegaGrains long-term survival, like most companies, depends on -creating and maintaining satisfying exchange relationships 3)Which of the following statements about marketing environment forces is not correct? -They fluctuate slowly and thereby create threats to a firm’s marketing mix 4)Which of the following is not an example of the implementation of the marketing concept? -Burger King reduces the labor costs to produce its sausage-egg biscuits 5)Which one of the following statements by a company president best reflects the marketing concept? -We have organized out business to make certain that customers get what they want 6)Three basic forms that a product can take are -services, ideas, and goods 7)SunnyD is aimed at mothers with children under age 12. The mothers represent SunnyD’s -target market 8)Which of the following best describes the acceptance of the marketing concept by American organizations? -The marketing concept has yet to be fully accepted by all organizations 9)Greensprings Cemtery in upstate New York, Offers a full service funeral and burial that is non-toxic to the environment. All materials used in the burial are natural and will decompose with no negative impact. ...... The owners of the Greensprings Cemeteries are apparently operating under which of the following orientations? -Marketing Orientation 10) Marketing knowledge and skills
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-enhance consumer awareness and help provide people with satisfying goods and services A change in the minimum drinking age in any given state illustrates a change in the _____________ for Miler Brewing. -Marketing environment 12)Paws and Claws Hotel is a full-service pet salon and boarding kennel. Paws and Claws has an interactive website where customers can directly booka grooming appointment, obedience class, or overnight accomodation for their dog and cat. ... ....... ...... Previously, Paws and Claws was most likely using which type of orientation?
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Marketing chapters 1-3 - Chapters 1-3 1)The public is...

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