Marketing Quiz 3 - 1) After purchasing a new Lexus, Pablo...

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to wonder if he made the right choice. Pablo is experiencing -Cognitive dissonance 2) Bob Turner makes an appointment to visit with a new dermatologist in town to determine whether he should have several moles on his neck removed… -Physical surroundings 3) As Brianna walks to class, she selects, organizes, and interprets the sensations she is receiving through her sense organs. Brianna is experiencing the process of -Perception 4) Assignment of meaning to organized information inputs is called -Interpretation 5) Bill Alvarez, the sole proprietor of an Asian food wholesale and retail business in south-central Texas, had been evaluating the growth of Vietnamese, Laotian, and Cambodian populations in the Houston metropolitan area for some time. These groups have grown so fast over the previous decade that Bill decided to target them in his next major promotional campaign. He allocated 56 percent of his promotional budget to these groups, amounting to about $17,500. Most of the $17,500 was spent on radio spots and a small portion on two homemade television advertisements. By year's end, it became clear to Bill that his campaign was a failure. Not only had business with the Southeast Asian group not increased, it had dried up altogether. Bill discovered that many of the men in one ethnic group listened to the radio each morning on their way to work and had heard many of his advertisements. Unfortunately, a rumor started among these men that Bill's business was run by a man from one of the other groups, with which they had unfriendly relations. As a result, the men did not “hear” Bill's radio ads the way they were supposed to. They instead picked up what they thought were slurs against their own ethnic group. This is known as -Selective distortion 6) Extended problem solving is the type of consumer problem-solving process that - is the most complex problem-solving behavior, which comes into play when a purchase involves unfamiliar, expensive, or infrequently bought products. 7) Human requirements for love, affection, and a sense of belonging would be classified
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Marketing Quiz 3 - 1) After purchasing a new Lexus, Pablo...

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