Marketing test 15-18 for final

Marketing test 15-18 for final - 1. A retailer is an...

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1. A retailer is an organization that purchases products for the purpose of reselling them to -Ultimate consumers 2. Select the true statement about wholesaling -Wholesaling activities must be performed during distribution of all goods, whether or not a wholesaling institution is involved 3. A wholesaler that carries a wide product mix but offers only limited depth within a product line is called -General-merchandise wholesaler 4. A store that offers a wide variety of shoes for men, women, and children would most likely be considered -Specialty retailer 5. Through the years, drugstores have added more unrelated products to their product mix, such as law care supplies, food items, house wares, and small appliances. This illustrates which of the following retail strategy issues? -Scrambled merchandising 6.Dawn is concerned that there are not enough avid quilters in Centerville to support her Quilts Unlimited store. Her business adviser suggests that she may not limit her promotion to the Centerville population but also consider out shoppers. This approach is most likely to work if her store is located in a -Regional shopping center 7.Which of the following is a common feature of a warehouse club? -Annual fees (not sure I put wide range of product mix and got it wrong) 8.Off-price retailers feature -Deep discounts, few customer services, and central checkouts 9.Which of the following is not an advantage of franchising for the franchisee? -The franchisee gives up a certain amount of control when participating in a franchise agreement 10.Any organization that purchases products for the purpose of reselling them to ultimate consumers is a -Retailer 11. Direct marketing, direct selling, and automatic vending are all examples of ______. -Nonstore 12.Sherri McRae wants to establish a fashion-wholesaling firm. Because of the risks involved in the rapid obsolescence of high-fashion team, Sherri does not want to establish an organization in which she has the title to the garments. Which of the following types of wholesale establishments has she ruled out? -Merchant wholesaler 13. The individual or group that decodes a coded message is called a -Receiver 14. Cost efficiency, repetition, and adding product value are all potential benefits of -Advertising 15. Procter & Gamble periodically sends out coupons and free samples of products like Downy fabric softener. This illustrates P&G’s use of which of the following elements of promotion mix? -Sales promotion
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16.In one corner of its magazine advertisement for office copiers, Epson places a small box asking for the names and addresses of individuals or companies seeking more information. Epson has included this box to facilitate _____ for this communication. -Feedback
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Marketing test 15-18 for final - 1. A retailer is an...

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