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ProfWriting_Week_1_Leave Denial

ProfWriting_Week_1_Leave Denial - conference this weekend...

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Memo To: Jeff Clarke From: Amanda Reina, Supervisor Subject: Emergency Leave Request Denied I have previously counseled you regarding your requests for leave on short notice. On the previous three short notices that you have given in the last two months your requests for leave were granted due to the fact that Nina Hernandez, Assistant Manager, was able to cover for you. However, Ms. Hernandez will be out of town. I am already on the schedule this weekend, and if I allow your emergency leave, I'll be short-staffed. Also, there's a professional
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Unformatted text preview: conference this weekend for electrical engineers at a nearby convention center, and many of the attendees will be staying in this hotel. This is the first time the convention center has directed attendees to our hotel, and if all goes well, this could mean a lot more business throughout the year. Therefore, due to the short time frame for leave and the reasons stated above, your request for leave is denied. I am looking forward to seeing you this weekend. Employee's Signature Date Supervisor's Signature Date...
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