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Introduction: Name, title, education How I ended here: Military, private to Captain Ended up at Walmart: Luck of the draw, High five to Cecilia, left good impression Why I’m here: Talk about customer experience What is customer service: service to customers before, during and after a purchase to enhance their customer satisfaction How do we do that: being a leader, being a good person. Doing all the basics and fundamentals of what family has taught you. Some people say you can’t teach a person to care, I disagree. Customer service is about: Smiling, greeting, caring, listening, dazzling The more you do it, the more contagious it’ll be How do we care, listen, and dazzle: Caring – use body language , encourage customer feedback, project a willingness to help, be polite, convey care in your tone of voice, convey respect. Avoid discounting: you’re stupid, impossible. Appreciate something about working with the customer. Listening
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