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Chapter 12 outline - Chapter 12 outline Social psychology o...

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Chapter 12 outline Social psychology o Scientific study of how a person’s behavior, thoughts, and feelings are influenced by the real, imagined, or implied presence of others. o Includes social influence-ways in which a person’s behavior can be affected by other people o Social cognition- ways in which people think about other people o Social interaction- positive and negative aspects of people relating to others Social influence o Interactions with people provide ample opportunity to influence behavior, feelings, thoughts on an individual- social influence. Sometimes the mere presence of someone may impact a person o Conformity- changing one’s behavior to more closely match the actions of others. Sherif did a study where a stagnant light was in a dark room, participants said it was moving. When a confederate made estimates, the participants matched theirs to hers. Asch did a study where he showed participants two cards. One with three lines and one with one. They had to match which of the three was the most similar to the one. The second to last person was the true participant, the others had to pick the same incorrect line. Participants chose the same as them 1/3 of the time. Asch found out that conformity increased with each new confederate until four and it decreased with only one. This was done in the 50s when the level of conformity was high. The collectivist cultures of Japan and Zimbabwe tend to be more conformist. Also there are almost nonexistent differences in culture, unless is responses must be public then women tend to conform more. Groupthink- people within a group feel it is more important to maintain the group’s cohesiveness than to consider the facts realistically. Examples include people’s hesitation to speak up when bush invaded Iraq. Also titanic, the people who built it thought it was unsinkable and therefore didn’t put enough lifeboats. The challenger disaster, people knew there was a glitch but no one wanted to stop the launch.
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Janis made different symptoms of groupthink. For example, they may think they can do no wrong, are morally correct. They prevent people from speaking up and they also disagree with people. Compliance o Consumer psychology- devoted to figuring out how people get to buy things someone is selling. Compliance- people change their behavior as a result of another people or group asking or directing them to change. Those groups don’t have any real authority or power, when there is authority that change of behavior is called obedience . Different techinques Foot - in-the-door technique: when compliance of a small request is followed by a larger request, people tend to comply because they’ve already agreed to the smaller one. It acts as an opener. Door
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Chapter 12 outline - Chapter 12 outline Social psychology o...

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