COM156 week 1 challenges of a paper

COM156 week 1 challenges of a paper - topic that I am...

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Challenges of a paper 1 Challenges of a paper Amy Halley COM/156 June 25, 2011 Melissa Tennyson
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Challenges of a Paper 2 Assignment: Challenges of a Paper Three challenges that might arise when writing a paper are. One challenge would be not being prepared for the paper. Another keeping the reader focused on your writing. The last would not know what you are writing about. There are times when a person gets to pick from a list or that maybe a person is given the topic and then a person has to choose the specifics. I would have to choose a topic that I know and also have some interest in. So I will know and have more detail about what I am writing about. It can be hard to keep a reader on track and let them understand what you are trying to say if you don’t know what you are talking about yourself in the paper. Also I would have a hard time being able to set time aside each and every day to work on my paper. I know that I tend to drag on and on when I am writing, if I don’t have any good ideas about the
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Unformatted text preview: topic that I am writing about and also using the incorrect words and grammar. What would make me overcome these challenges would be, set aside time to work on my project. Also having all the facts down beforehand will give me betters results and a bigger window of options for my paper. Also to be prepared is to have a great strategy, so planning what I’m working on and writing down my ideas. Keeping the reader’s attention, to do this, I have to know who I’m writing to, making my title and headlines catchy to the eye. Focus on positive reason for writing and get all the negatives reasons why I do not want to write the paper out of my mind. So I will write down my ideas, take time out work on my assignment and do a lot of research on the paper, so that the reader will know what I am talking about. Also I will be making sure that the grammar and the sentence are used correctly. I can also use my teacher if I should have any questions or I get stuck at some point when writing....
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COM156 week 1 challenges of a paper - topic that I am...

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