MWO Final exam research

MWO Final exam research - Final Exam: MBA 3515 Fall 2009...

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Final Exam: MBA 3515 – Fall 2009 Due Date: Sunday, December 20 th , 2009 (by e-mail) Please answer the following four questions relating to the article “ Five steps to creating a global knowledge-sharing system: Siemens’ ShareNet. ” by Voelpel et al. . Your answers should be based on the material in the textbook and our class discussions. Question 1: Based on the description of Siemens in the text, what Stage of International Development was the Information and Communication Networks group (ICN) at in the late 1990s/early 2000s? Explain Seimens ICN’s Global Strategy and identify their Structural Design . What National Culture issues represented challenges for the ShareNet project? Pg 12 Global Rollout Stage Pg 12 Gathered managers from every country to take charge of strategic direction Pg 12-3 Andreas Manuth, “Held two- to three-day workshops…to get them used to the system and interface, and to convince them of its value.” Pg 15 Gerhard Hirschler,. .”Sure we have the knowledge, but it’s for sale. It’s not for free.” Pg 14 The lack of proficiency in English…in China-one of the fastest growing markets for Siemens. Pg 14
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MWO Final exam research - Final Exam: MBA 3515 Fall 2009...

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