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Chelsea Busler Chapter 8: End of the Republic – Caesar’s Dictatorship Pompey’s Return from the East (62) o The wealth that Pompey brought back from Mithridates’ treasure set the rich and poor even farther apart o Revenues=200-340 million sesterces o The Campus Martius was built in 61 o The was a nude statue of Pompey himself holding a globe, the symbol of a world conqueror, and surrounded by personifications of the fourteen “nations” he had subdued Pompey and Political Stalemate in Rome o Pompey was refused some of his requests and Caesar’s were passed Partnership of Pompey, Crassus, and Caesar o Started off as just Pompey and Caesar but then they invited Crassus to join them o Referred to as the First Triumvirate but also referred to the “Three-Headed Monster” Caesar’s First Consulship (59) o Caesar and Bibulus were elected consuls for 59, Caesar disregarded everything Bibulus tried to pass Clodius’ Tribunate (58) o Clodius had two proposals when he entered office: one was an overhaul of the entire system whereby grain was imported to Rome from the provinces of Sardinia, Sicily, and Africa o
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