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Chelsea Busler Chapter 9: Augustus and the Transformation of the Roman World Reactions to the Assassination of Caesar (44-43) o As soon as they had struck their blows, the senators who had conspired to assassinate Caesar hailed “liberty” and its senatorial embodiment, Cicero o Upon the news of his mother being assassinated, 18 year old grandnephew of Caesar, Gaius Octavius left Apollonia where he had been studying and sailed to Brundisium o Antony did not originally view Octavius as a threat because of his young age and inexperience o Cicero now seized the initiative in proposing that the senate at last assert itself by eliminating Antony, whom he persistently represented as a would-be dictator Emergence of a Second Triumvirate (43) o Octavian now saw to it that Caesar’s assassins were all formally condemned and outlawed; so too was Sextus Pompey, despite a settlement with him that the senate had approved in April o Triumvirate between Octavian, Cicero, and Antony Battle of Philippi (42) o At the beginning of 42 Caesar was deified by the senate, and it was probably now that Quintilis, the month of his birth, was renamed Julius (July) o Antony’s bold, skillful generalship was decisive in winning both these battles at Philippi, and his military prestige rose as a result o Octavian by contrast had contributed little to the victories at Philippi, and so
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bulletpoints-chpt9 - Chelsea Busler Chapter 9: Augustus and...

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