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Chelsea Busler Chapter 10: The Early Principate (AD 14-69) The Julio-Claudian Emperors: Civil Government and Military Concerns o Equally significant for success or failure was the emperor’s relationship to the army and Rome’s military traditions o The 54 years of Julio-Claudian power after Augustus’ death witnessed different ways of dealing with the army and with the ideological and practical ramifications of militarism and its reunciation Tiberius (14-37) o Tiberius had spent much of his adult life away from Rome before becoming Princeps at Augustus’ death in 14, and he did not have many personal friends in the city o Tiberius’ general distrust, combined with his military background, led him to rely on the Praetorian Guard o Tiberius never developed a close relationship with Rome’s populace o Tiberius’ death at the age of 77 in 37 was generally welcomed in Rome itself Gaius (Caligula) (37-41) o Caligula comes from the word for miniature military boots (caliga) o Within a year of Gaius’ senatorship he fell seriously ill, perhaps with a brain fever, and, although he recovered, his erratic behavior escalated o He executed Tiberius Gemellus and the Praetorian Prefect Macro, he had quarreled violently with the senate and was ruling more and more autocratically, his insults ranged from the political to the moral and religious o Gaius attended to the army and to foreign affairs, though in ways that often appear capricious. He launched small expeditions against Germany and
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bulletpoints-chpt10 - Chelsea Busler Chapter 10: The Early...

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