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Chelsea Busler Journal #4 – Christianity in Rome In the beginnings of Rome there was not an official religion. They were polytheistic and worshiped a countless number of Gods. Religion was very important to the Romans. When the religion of Christianity was introduced to Rome, they did not like it. They did not like that fact that they were expected to worship only one person, and it wasn’t the emperor. The emperor Nero was in power when Christianity was first introduced. Christianity faced many obstacles on its way to power. Within the Roman Empire, Christianity was banned and Christians were punished for many years. The early converts to Christianity in Ancient Rome faced many difficulties. The first converts were usually the poor and slaves as they had a great deal to gain from the Christians being successful. Thus Christianity was known as a “religion of slaves”. If they were caught, they faced death for failing to worship the emperor. Feeding Christians to the lions was seen as entertainment in Ancient Rome. The public execution of Christians became "sports" events in which the early believers were torched, fastened to crosses and torn to pieces by dogs. It was not uncommon for emperors to turn the people against the Christians when Rome was faced with difficulties. During the first century, Roman authorities used the Christians who resided in their city as political scapegoats. Christians received the blame, and punishment, for everything from plagues and economic inflation to hostile invasions by barbarians. In AD 64, part of Rome was burned down. The Emperor Nero blamed the
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Christians and the people turned on them. Arrests and executions followed. The dangers
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christianity paper - Chelsea Busler Journal#4 Christianity...

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