virtues - Chelsea Busler Virtues Three four times blest my...

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Chelsea Busler Virtues “Three, four times blest, my comrades lucky to die beneath the soaring walls of Troy – before their parents’ eyes! If only I’d gone down under your right hand – Diomedes, strongest Greek afield – and poured out my life on the battlegrounds of Troy! Where raging Hector lies, pierced by Achilles’ spear, where might Sarpedon lies, where the Simois Rover swallows down and churns beneath its tides so many shields and helmets and corpses of the brave!” p. 50 lines 113-121 Auctoritas, Dignitas, Fortitudo, Gravitas, Pietas, Virtus “But he does spot three stags roaming the shore, an entire herd behind them grazing down the glens in a long ranked line. He halts, grasps his bow and his flying arrows, the weapons his trusty aide Achates keeps at hand… a triumph, one for each of his ships.” p. 53 lines 218-222 Firmitas, Industria “My comrades, hardly strangers to pain before now, we all have weathered worse. Some god will grant us an end to this as well. You’ve threaded the rocks resounding with Scylla’s howling rabid dogs, and taken the brunt of the Cyclops’ boulders, too. Call up your courage again. Dismiss your grief and fear. A joy it will be one day, perhaps, to remember even this. Through so many hard straits, so many twists and turns our course holds firm for Latium. There Fate holds out a homeland, calm, at peace. There the gods decree the kingdom of Troy will rise again. Bear up. Save your strength for better times to come.” p. 54 lines 233-244 Auctoritas, Clementia, Fortutido, Virtus, Fides “Sick with mounting cares he assumes a look of hope and keeps his anguish buried in his heart.” p. 54 lines 246-247 Dignitas, Firmitas, Gravitas “Not one of your sisters have I seen or heard… but how should I greet a young girl like you? Your face, your features – hardly a mortal’s looks and the tone of your voice is hardly human either. Oh a goddess, without a doubt! What, are you Apollo’s sister? Or one of the breed of Nymphs? Be kind, whoever you are, relieve our troubled hearts. Under what skies and onto what coasts of the world have we been
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virtues - Chelsea Busler Virtues Three four times blest my...

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