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Well when it comes to participation contracts and that stuff for providers the only way that a physician would get any type of financial advantage would be for them to sign with a insurance company that never made the physician do any types of write offs whatsoever, and the physician was made to be sure that their bills were paid in full 100 percent every time. It makes sure that the plan holder is benefited from this because the co-pays would be lower and write offs would be definite. It would also be a plus for the doctor if the plan holders choose to use that certain physician. For the positives and the negative ramifications of the discounted fee-for-service arrangements,
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Unformatted text preview: There is mainly only four different ways that a fee can be collected by a physician. The fee-for-service is when the physician charges you for everything, I’m talking about every little lest that is done, anything, and their rates go off of the other physicians in their area. When it comes to the discounted part, they still charge you for every little thing that they do, but they go off of a certain based price, of a discounted price that sticks no matter what. Salary is when the doctors are paid the same amount, no matter what they do. Last but not least there is the Capitation, which is when the doctor is paid by number of patients not by what they have done....
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