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Well when it comes to riders or better known as options, the employees have different options that they can choose from. The employees can add benefits to their insurance coverage’s, or they can go with the complementary option. The employers also have the option to pay for the insurance themselves from their company known as self-funding, that means there is money set aside for the medical benefits. Sometimes there is what we call a waiting period; this means that the employee must be there so long in order to be eligible for that insurance. This period is usually only in effect from the time the employees is hired to the time that the insurance will go into effect.
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Unformatted text preview: When it comes to the third parties the reason that they are even hired is to make sure the clients are staying up to date with their information and answering all the questions. These people are also in charge of setting up claims and processing them. This process makes things so much easier for many of the workers. When it comes to the costs and certain things, the patient usually pays about 80 percent of the bill, and the insurance covers the rest. Depending on the insurance company the client might only have to pay a portion of it at the time, which is like a co-pay, or they might even have what we would call a deductible....
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