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Exam #2 Student's name ________________________________________ AGR 3303 - Genetics 14 November 1994 Multiple choice . (69 pts.) Please read these carefully . Only one response correctly answers the question, or completes the statement. Circle the corresponding letter (a, b, c, d, or e). 1. Based on the idea of bacterial transformation, what might happen if you mixed avirulent bacteria with heat-killed virulent bacteria and injected this mixture into a mouse? a. the same as injecting just heat-killed virulent bacteria b. the same as injecting just virulent bacteria c. the same as injecting just heat-killed avirulent bacteria d. the same as injecting just avirulent bacteria e. none of the above 2. A gene can be defined as: a a chemical factor of inheritance b a polypeptide c the product of transcription d the product of translation e all of the above 3. A single piece of single-stranded DNA reads 5' CGGCATTAC 3'. Which of the following pieces of single-stranded DNA could form a normal, complimentary double helix with the original piece? a. 5' GTAATCGGC 3' b. 5' GTAATGCCG 3' c. 5' CGGCTAATG 3' d. 5' GCCGTAATG 3' e. 5' GTATACGGC 3' 4. A large molecule made up of amino acids is: a. DNA b. tRNA c. starch d. polypeptide e. all of the above University of Florida - Fort Lauderdale 5. A class of molecules that recognizes codons: a. ribosome b. mRNA c. restriction endonuclease
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d. tRNA e. amino acid 6. DNA forensics does not use: a. restriction fragment length polymorphisms b. repetitive DNA c. probability d. hemoglobin e. semen 7. Which is always true? a. polypeptides are enzymes b. proteins are polypeptides c. proteins are enzymes d. proteins are histones e. histones are enzymes 8. A cell-free synthesizing system was used to translate the genetic code, using artificial RNA templates. RNA sequences in these templates were matched to amino acid(s), based on the retention of radioactively labelled amino acid. Which concept(s) would be reasonably help the deciphering effort. a. RNA homopolymers should code for only one amino acid b. RNA heteropolymers could code for more than one amino acid c. the ratio of nucleotides predicts the ratio of amino acids d. all of the above e. none of the above 9. The Central Dogma examines which characteristic of the genetic material? a.
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94ex2 - Exam #2 Student's name _ AGR 3303 - Genetics...

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