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94fin - Final Exam Student's name AGR 3303 Genetics 12...

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Final Exam Student's name ________________________________________ AGR 3303 - Genetics 12 December 1994 True or false? (50 pts.) Each statement is either true or false. Telling only part of the truth does not make a statement false. Please circle T for true or F for false. 1. T F A gene can be defined as a unit factor of inheritance. 2. T F Consider a gene with three alleles. In a diploid organism, there are four possible genotypes. 3. T F A man with type A blood can be the father of a child with type B blood. 4. T F Mutations can cause cancer by converting genes that regulate cell growth to a permanently "turned on" condition. 5. T F HIV, human immunodeficiency virus, infects the red blood cells 6. T F In a population, if you know the frequency of genotypes, you can predict the frequency of gametes. 7. T F A class of molecules that distinguishes among different codons is a ribosome. 8. T F The human male always receives his X chromosome from his mother. 9. T F Because of redundancy, RNA homopolymers code for more than one amino acid. 10. T F The shift in peppered moths to a darker color, during the industrial revolution, is evidence for the presence of Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. 11. T F If an organism has 2n=46, then during mitosis there will be 23 chromosomes going to each pole. University of Florida - Fort Lauderdale 12. T F A polypeptide is a large molecule made up of amino acids. 13. T F If a man has hemophilia, caused by a recessive sex-linked allele, then there is 50% chance his son will have the same disease. 14. T F In the lac operon lactose binds with the repressor protein.
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15. T F An antibody is a foreign substance which leads the body to produce antigens. 16. T F Nitrogenous base pairs are held together by hydrogen bonds. 17. T F Down syndrome is caused by one extra chromosome. 18. T F The mitochondrion is the site of photosynthesis. 19. T F Darwin questioned the fixity of species. 20. T F Your teacher is euploid. 21. T F Mutations involve DNA base substitution. 22. T F Mitosis is a reduction division. 23. T F An dominant allele is only expressed when it is present in two copies. 24. T F The four characteristics of the genetic material are replication, expression, storage, and mutation. 25. T F Retroviruses are RNA viruses which use reverse transcriptase to make a DNA "copy" of their RNA. 26. T F The Broward Sheriff's lab does DNA fingerprinting by a method involving restriction endonucleases. 27. T F Frameshift mutations are caused by a nonsense codon. 28. T F The histocompatibility antigens of the HLA complex are involved with tissue graft rejection. 29. T F Assumptions underlying Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium are random mating, no selection, no migration, no mutation, and large population size. 30. T F Mitochondria may be ancient cell invaders. 31. T F The alleles determining human ABO blood types are an example of polygenes.
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