96ex3 - Genetics hour exam #3 University of Florida, Nov....

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Unformatted text preview: Genetics hour exam #3 University of Florida, Nov. 96 Page 1 Student name_______________________________ AGR 3303 - Genetics 21 Nov 1996 University of Florida - Fort Lauderdale Hourly exam #3: ADVANCED GENETICS 110 pts. total Multiple choice (48 pts.) Please read each question carefully . Do not be misled if you are familiar with a similar looking question which you have seen before. One and only one response (a, b, c, d, or e) completely and correctly answers the question, or completes the statement. Circle the appropriate response on this exam, which will be turned in. Make sure your circle is unambiguous. Take time to relax. 1. Qualitative traits: a. are the kinds observed by Mendel b. are probably atypical c. are recorded in categories d. are controlled by few genes e. all of the above 2. In the lac operon: a. lactose represses the transcription of structural genes b. posttranscriptional control reduces unnecessary enzyme production c. when there is lactose present, the structural genes are transcribed d. lactose enables the repressor to bind to the operator region e. there is a regulatory cascade regulated by hormones 3. For a mutation, (e.g., nucleotide substitution) in a structural gene to be expressed: a. the genotype must be heterozygous b. the altered triplet codon must be redundant c. the enzyme must be monomeric d. the enzyme active site must be affected e. none of the above 4. Philip Busey's main criticism of associating intelligence and race is: a. intelligence tests are a cultural product Genetics hour exam #3 University of Florida, Nov. 96 Page 2 b. people misreport their race c. there is no genetic variation among humans d. it's not nice e. underprivileged people's intelligence can be lowered by malnutrition 5. In eukaryotes, the immediate result of translation is: a. an enzyme b. a protein c. a polypeptide d. mRNA e. none of the above 6. It is believed that the eukaryotic chromosome can protect DNA from enzymatic action: a. by tight coiling b. during cell division c. to turn genes off d. all of the above e. none of the above 7. A cross between two heterozygotes will lead to: a. a narrow distribution of F 1 heterozygotes b. homogeneous progeny c. homozygous progeny d. two progeny peaks e. none of the above 8. Small, isolated populations have a role in evolution because: a. small populations are more likely to lose genes due to chance (genetic drift) b. natural selection can favor adaptation to local conditions...
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96ex3 - Genetics hour exam #3 University of Florida, Nov....

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